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Tube Bends - Long Radius

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90° HYGENIC BUTT WELD LONG RADIUS TUBE BENDS     90deg bend            



Global Stainless' patented double curved metal forming process allows us to provide a superior alternative to traditional segmented bends in our long radius tube bending. 

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Global Stainless Long Radius BendsWe fabricate long sweeping bends manufactured to customer requirements up to 500mm in diameter which proves to be an excellent choice against segmented bends, or more commonly known as 'lobster back' bends. Long radius tube bending is popular in 5, 6 and 8 inch diameters, commonly used for milk powder, cheese, and chocolate factories, wineries, producers of powdered soap flakes and delicate food process conveying such as the potato chip industry.  

Our long radius bends (long radius elbows) offer smoother, quieter flow, less back pressure in the conveying, such as less wear in an abrasive product application, and provides less product damage. The other main advantage is that the weld seams on these bends run the length of the bend, so there is an important self cleaning advantage, and less food product is able to get trapped, allowing for superior hygiene.

Global Stainless Long Radius Bends

Why choose long radius tube bending?

  • Smoother, quieter flow which heavily reduces the amount of product damage.

  • Less back pressure on conveying with less wear in an abrasive product application.

  • Our weld seams run the length of the product providing superior cleaning and hygiene, especially for food related industries. 

Why Global Stainless?

  • Accuracy of diameter - we are the only manufacturer that can guarantee the right diameter so you can be sure it will fit your tube/pipe.

    Global Stainless Long Radius Bends
  • Value - our unique process ensures our end products are better quality and a more economical price.

  • Our bends are uniformly finished by acid-dipping or polishing to your specifications.
  • Quantity - we can offer a one-off unit, or a whole production run depending on what you need.

  • Custom made to your requirements - we make what you ask for and you get a product that fits.

  • Global Stainless Long Radius Bends

    Delivery – we deliver world-wide – on time every time.


Q: How much?
A: Get a free quote 

Q: How fast can I get it?
A: We can manufacture a long radius bend in approximately 1-2 weeks depending on your requirements.

Q: What materials do you use?
A: Our long radius bends are fabricated using stainless steel in 304 or 316 type.

Q: Can you roll bends?
A: Yes, we can roll bends down to 400CLR in 1, 2, 3, & 4 inch, with no loss in diameter.

Q:  Can you roll 6 inch bends?
A:  Yes, we now have new dies installed for rolling 6 inch dairy tube, any radius down to 750CLR, with no loss in diameter.

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