6 inch, fabricated long radius bends for milk processing
Duplex stainless steel domes for small tanks
Pressure vessel knuckling/flanging
Pressure vessel dome manufacturing
Knuckled cement silo cones
10,000 litre spherical diesel tank
4" Tube Rolling
Steel Sphere for Vacuum Tank
Rolled and fabricated stainless steel bends

Plate / Sheet / Tank Body Rolling

Global Stainless Ltd have heavy Double Initial Pinch Rollers for high quality tank rolling.  See below for sizing, PLUS we also have 2 metre wide pinch rollers available for lighter gauge tank barrels.

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Double initial pinch rollers.

Pre-bending capability produces excellent rolling shape on the ends.

Individual height controls on both bottom rollers for cone tilting & rolling.

Cone stop roller attachment for rolling cones.

Stainless steel, mild steel, boiler plate, and aluminium rolling capability.

Excellent rolling also on thinner materials.

unloading rollers
rollers with dome and cone ends

Smallest rolling tank barrel diameter is 550mm.

Roller width is 3050mm (10 feet).

Up to 30mm thick plate rolling capability.

Top roller diameter is 410mm.

Height adjustable overhead roller supports the rolled barrel shape.

Hydraulic side swing roller supports the rolled barrel shape.

Picture on left shows 'Rolling a 6mm thick aluminium tank barrel'.

Quick rolling service performed by skilled operator.

2 metre wide pinch rollers also available for lighter gauge tank barrels.

Picture on right shows 'Rolling a 4mm thick stainless steel cone'.

lighter gauge rollers
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