6 inch, fabricated long radius bends for milk processing
Duplex stainless steel domes for small tanks
Pressure vessel knuckling/flanging
Pressure vessel dome manufacturing
Knuckled cement silo cones
10,000 litre spherical diesel tank
4" Tube Rolling
Steel Sphere for Vacuum Tank
Rolled and fabricated stainless steel bends

Acid Dipping Stainless Steel

Global Stainless Ltd acid dipping bath size is 2 metres long x 1.5 metres wide, and 0.6 metre deep.

This is a very low labour, most cost effective surface treatment.

The acid is heated which enhances the acid cleaning of stainless steel.  This process will also remove weld burns.

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Acid dipping 6 inch long radius bends                             6 inch long radius bends fabricated and acid dipped


  Fabrication before acid dipping                                        Fabrication after acid dipping                                        

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