6 inch, fabricated long radius bends for milk processing
Duplex stainless steel domes for small tanks
Pressure vessel knuckling/flanging
Pressure vessel dome manufacturing
Knuckled cement silo cones
10,000 litre spherical diesel tank
4" Tube Rolling
Steel Sphere for Vacuum Tank
Rolled and fabricated stainless steel bends

Cones, Conical Flanged Ends

The choice of a cone can be a practical alternative to a dome, but it also requires skill and know-how to press-form, weld, knuckle, and achieve a good quality finished cone shape. Cones are often used if the material is too thin to press a dome without buckling, and if it is not necessary to acquire a dome shape. 
Global Stainless have proven techniques and experience in the fabrication and knuckling of cones for the top and bottom of tanks, hoppers, and vessels.

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Global Stainless also make offset cones for wine tanks.

Diameters available:  300mm – 5000mm
Material thicknesses:  1.2mm – 12mm

Material types available -  Stainless T304 and T316, Duplex stainless, Carbon steels, Copper, and Aluminium

Global Stainless can also grind and polish cone weld seams to meet dairy or pharmaceutical grade.

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